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DM SQUARED encourages professional development in all its forms. To that end, DM SQUARED is proud to provide mentorships to any interpreter striving to improve themselves. Our mentorships offer flexible scheduling to fit your availability and our trademark "think out of the box" offers a host of venues in which to pursue this course of professional development.

You have the freedom to choose your area of focus (such as ethics, skills enhancement or problem solving) and your preferred method of instruction (video chat, one-on-one, small group).


One hour one time appt $50.00/hour

Package of 3 one hour appointments with 10% discount $135.00

Package of 5 one hour appointments with 15% discount $212.50

Package of 10 one hour appointments with 15% discount $425.00

Please visit to buy your package and then email Dawn at or Dave at to set up your appointments with your chosen mentor.